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Picture Your Student at Carolina Prep

We understand that investigating early and elementary education options can leave you wanting for information. If you think you may be interested in enrollment, below are the next steps to take to get to know us.

Give Us a Call


We make ourselves available for prospective parents and love answering your questions. Expect to be invited for a guided tour.

Take a Tour

Walk through our campus and answer your questions as we go. Prior to our tour you will have received a parent information packet that provides an in depth look at Carolina Prep.


Once you’ve decided that Carolina Prep is right for your family, you can begin the application process at any time and from any distance. Contact our school office to receive your application.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Tuition at Carolina Prep is built to let you “pay and forget about it” by being all-inclusive. You will not be charged throughout the school year for meals, parties, field trips, or additional supplies. We offer scholarships to cover 100% of tuition for our elementary (Kindergarten to 5th grades only) students. If you are interested in pursuing a scholarship for your student, let us know when you begin the enrollment process, and explore more information below:

Your student is eligible for financial aid if you:

  • Are seeking enrollment or your student is currently enrolled.
  • Have submitted a completed application.

Scholarships are awarded for the following:

Financial Need

Grades K-5


  • Financial Need, as determined by TADS
  • Written Recommendation(s)
  • Excellent behavior and discipline record


Grades K-5


  • Ability to enrich the school and the classroom experience of other students through one or more of the following:
    • Cultural, ethnic, racial and/or religious diversity
    • Having lived or travelled extensively in other country(ies)
    • Being bilingual or multilingual
  • Written recommendation(s)
  • Excellent behavior and discipline record

Academic Excellence

Grades 3-5


  • Excellent Prior Academic performance
  • Outstanding performance on prior ITBS, MAP, or other standardized testing
  • Outstanding performance on additional academic testing
  • Written recommendation(s)
  • Excellent behavior and discipline record

An ideal candidate is an accomplished student who is Polite, Respectful, Intelligent, Disciplined, and Empowered. He/She values integrity, citizenship, teamwork and an attitude of inclusion. Our quality staff will work closely with the scholarship candidate to ensure a smooth transition into the Carolina Prep family.

Questions about scholarships and financial aid?

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